Get our annual recommended preventative maintenance/tune-up for just $49/machine (reg $99/machine).

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Q: What is included with this service?

In order to keep your machine running like new and avoid any issues popping up, we recommend an annual preventative maintenance/tune-up service. Depending on the type of machine, our experienced service team will perform routine maintenance tasks and resolve any potential issue we see while working on the machine. For example, for treadmills, we will lube and tighten the belt, tighten and inspect the main frame and inspect any other potential trouble spots on your machine. If your machine is having software issues, we can help perform a reset to clear out the ache on the machine to help fix any issues there.

If your machine requires additional service beyond this or if it requires parts, you can apply the initial $49 for this service as store credit to use on additional service needs to apply it to a machine upgrade (if applicable). Please text us at 801-797-2445 if you have any additional questions or specific concerns with your machine. We look forward to helping get your machine(s) running like new for years to come!

Text us at 801-797-2445 to schedule!